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Listen as Pastor David and some guest speakers show us how to feel Gods presence, to understand that we are forgiven and how with only with the resurrection we can be saved. 

The Mountain Top Experience 

April 3rd 

Look into the book of Kings as Pastor David teaches us how to experience the mountain top feeling in the small still things of what God gives us. 

Bits and Pieces 

April 10th

Look in the Bible with Associate Pastor Mike Gentry as he shows us bits and pieces about our sins and how we are forgiven by God. 

The Power of the Resurrection

April 17th

Happy Easter

Look into the book of Romans with Pastor David as he teaches us how the resurrection is paramount for our lives 

Project Hope members also share with us their journey to God. 

Are you Guilty?

April 24th

Look into the bible and at the story of Peter denying Jesus and his struggles with Pastor David as he shows us how God wants us to respond to our guilt because God does not want us to live under our guilts.


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