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March 2022


Pastor David shows us how to be ready for the Lord and to identify ourselves. Also listen as special speaker Lisa will teach us about an Orphan Spirit. 


March 6th 

Pastor David has a Church Group discussion on where some people share in confidence    

such a time as this 

March 13th

*Due to technical issues the message has been re recorded*

Look into the book of Esther with Pastor David as he tells us her story to see how we also have a "such a time as this" moment and how to be ready. 

identity theft 

March 20th 

Look into the book 1 Corinthians & John with Pastor David to learn about how to find our identity in Christ and how to overcome the devil when he tries to steal our new found identities.

Orphan or Son spirit

March 27th 

Look into the book of Psalms and Matthew with Lisa Tuttle as she shows us how God Loves his family and how we become from Orphans to Sons and Daughters.

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