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Join Pastor David as he reflects upon the Holy Spirit's messages shown to him in everyday life events. While he is out hiking in the woods, kayaking on the beach, out at lunch with church members, or being dragged around Walmart with his wife Amy... Wherever Pastor is, join in as he shares with you what the Holy Spirit has to say.  It's a wild and crazy ride!! 

Chasing the Spirit 

Listen as Pastor David reflects on how we need to think about the times in our lives we have been so filled with the spirit our "poles" have marks to remind us of the floods of the spirit. 


Surround yourself with Christ 

Don't be fooled

Listen as Pastor David reflects on how our christian walk is like a table of yummy treats. The 1 good and healthy option is surrounded by all the bad, sugar filled "yummy" treats much like our lives filled with all kinds of temptations but God being the 1 thing we really need.


Don't be fooled by the cool packaging of the devil 

Becareful of Fire

Listen as Pastor David reflects on how we need to be careful with our freewill that God gives us as not everything we do can be beneficial and just like fire can cause a lot of damage.


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