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Most recent sermon :
What does it Coast?  

Speaker: Pastor David DuVall  

Date : August, 7, 2022



breaking chains .jpeg

January 2022


"Pursuing God" series. How do we do that? 

Listen now as Pastor David shows us in God's word how to find and fix the root of our problems and BREAK THE CHAINS!


February 2022

Pastor David examines parables the Lord has given us to teach us about being ready for Him, searching, waiting and quenching our thirst for His spirit.


March 2022


Pastor David shows us how to be ready for the Lord and to identify ourselves. Also listen as special speaker Lisa will teach us about an Orphan Spirit. 

gods pres .webp

April 2022


Listen as Pastor David and some guest speakers show us how to feel Gods presence, to understand that we are forgiven and how with only with the resurrection we can be saved. 


May 2022

Listen as Pastor David and Mike show us how to use out vision statement in our lives to do the Lords work no matter how small and to escape the temptations of life. 


June 2022

Listen as Pastor David and guest speakers take us on a tour of our christian lives by teaching us what we need from God for our journey in life to our final destination.


July 2022

Listen as Pastor David  shows us in the Word of God how to have a clear vision on your life and find unity in the truth of God.


August 2022

Listen as Pastor David teaches us from Gods word.