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Deep Waters


Ever feel your drowning under the weight of anxiety, depression, addiction, relationship issues or other such problems in your life? Then grab hold of a helping hand.


At Renovation church, we offer counseling by a licensed counselor, Pastor David DuVall. 

Don't be overcome, We all need a helping hand and rescue from the crashing waves of life.

Call or email to schedule your appointment.

(850) 897-3612

Marriage & Relationship 

Both falling in love and getting married are stressful in their own ways. But you might say that they represent the easy part. It’s maintaining a marriage that can be difficult. Simply learning how to navigate the ups and down of life together can take a toll on any relationship.

Marriage counseling, or couples therapy, is a kind of counseling that focuses specifically on marriages and relationships. Counseling is specifically trained to help couples diagnose their problems and work on solutions. Marriage counseling is a safe place for couples to hash things out — to talk about what is really on their minds.

Anxiety & Depression

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 25 percent of U.S. adults struggle with depression, anxiety or some combination of both. In any given year, approximately 6.9 percent of American adults — about 16 million people — live with depression. Approximately 18.1 percent — about 42 million — live with anxiety.

A counselor might be the person you want to speak with if you have been diagnosed with an anxiety or depression disorder if you are experiencing the signs and symptoms of anxiety or depression on a regular basis. A counselor may be able to help you identify, manage, and alleviate your symptoms.

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Anyone suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction knows how powerful and devastating this disease can be. Sometimes a person abusing substances believes they are managing addiction on their own, when in reality their addiction is managing them. A licensed addiction counselor can help a person abusing substances at any stage of readiness to achieve and maintain sobriety.

An addiction counselor collaborates with their patients to evaluate their situation and establish goals to develop a customized treatment plan. Your counselor should be a good listener and possesses an overall demeanor of compassion. The initial counseling sessions are designed to lay the foundation for mutual trust, which is imperative for a successful outcome

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