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the Renovation Kids club

Captain Renovation and his trusty side-kick Worship Woman keep a watchful eye over the Renovation Kids Club.

Come join us as we build up our children so that they can be

an influence on the world around them!!! 

slide show of childrens activiteis ect.

Sunday 10:00 am      Wednesday 6:30 pm


John & Bethany Sikes 

John and Bethany have worked with children through the years. They have been leaders in the Renovation Kids Club here for over a year and really have a heart for teaching kids the word of God so they can be an influence in their schools and at home. 

Renovation Kidz EVENTS 

children's church 10:00am  

Ages : 4-8years old

children's night program 6:30 pm
Ages : pre-K thru 5th grade


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